2021 Recap and the Future

When The United Federation of Competitive Pinball was formed in early 2021, we really did not know to what to expect, but we knew it would be an experiment. At the time, our regional players had been clamoring to get back to ranked, competitive pinball. UFCP was put together and quickly added back the excitement that our players had been looking for at our own home location.

As 2021 continued on UFCP stepped up to the plate of adding more tournament directors and locations to sanction more events, developed new formulas to support additional formats of competitive play, provided a sanctioned tournament at the Allentown PinFest Show, and much more.

What began as an experimental league of sorts quickly grew faster than we were able to keep pace with. Everyone involved in the development and running of UFCP have other responsibilities outside of the hobby of playing pinball, and when those responsibilities are pulling at you, hobbies are the first to be placed on the back burner. Ambitious plans had been in the works for supporting even more formats, providing new formats not seen before in competitive pinball, and more, but all of this takes a lot of time and resources on the backend to get off the ground. Sheer manpower was quickly growing to be a problem. We outgrew what we were capable of handling in a well executed manner. This froze a lot of our discussed ideas to make sure we could continue to run the events that we already do, and keep the rankings running smoothly.

At this time, all events have been accounted for in the ranking system and standings for the 2021 season are finalized. Next week we will begin reaching out to players who qualified for our finals that are taking place on February 26th. If players in the top 24 are unavailable to play in the finals, we will continue to move down the list so that 24 total people will play in finals. We’ll also be providing the percentage breakdowns for prize payouts for the finals. We never expected to get almost 400 players to participate, and are blown away at the overall support we received throughout 2021.

So where does that leave UFCP? As of January 1, 2022, all sanctioning has been indefinitely suspended. Currently we have no plans in place to return to any sanctioning of events, and are re-evaluating what the direction of UFCP may be (if anything) in the future. I want to personally thank everyone for being apart of UFCP and supporting us along the way. From players to tournament directors to those who reached out to discuss ideas or simply pat us on the back, we felt overwhelming love from the start. We would not be here without all of you.