End of Season Finals

Better late than never on our announcements. We have been regrouping on a multitude of topics to better serve the community going forward into 2022 and that includes locking in our details for the first ever UFCP regional finals.


MOMs Organic Market in College Park, MD, the unofficial home of the United Federation of Competitive Pinball, will host the finals for the Mid Atlantic region. Finals are going to take place on February 26, 2022. The store itself opens at 9am, check in will begin at 10am, and finals will kick off at approximately 11am.


The finals will take the top 24 players in the region, who are present at the start of the finals. The finals themselves will be a double elimination bracket, with the top 8 players starting round 1 with a bye. Each round will be a best 3 out of 5 games between players. For the first game of a round, choice of game OR order pick will be given to the higher seed, with subsequent game/order pick choices within the round going to the loser of the previous game. No game may be chosen more than once per round.

Prize Pool

The prize pool has been publicly listed along with our up to date rankings online since the beginning. The distribution of money to the top 24 has not been determined yet, however, ALL players who play in the finals will take home some amount of money. The prize pool distribution formulas will be made public prior to the finals themselves. Discussions with several sponsors are underway and are planning to be used to increase the prize pool.


Generally speaking, the general rulebook for UFCP sanctioned events will apply. All rulings and decisions that may need to be made at the time of the tournament will be done by the tournament director or commissioner and are FINAL.