Additional Formats

We are excited to announce the details of our first round of new and expanded format support. Our information pages, as well as rankingOS, will be updated soon to reflect these updates shortly. In the meantime, for our tournament directors, if you need to submit an event with one of the updated formats, make a note in the “comments” section and we will get updated on our end. Round-robin has been delayed temporarily until our next round of adding format support, please stay tuned!

“Hybrid”/Finals Support

A more popular style for bigger events is to use one format as a “qualifying” for a finals for top players of the qualifying portion. An event having a qualifying portion, followed with a finals will be called a “hybrid” format. A hybrid tournament requires a minimum of 4 players participating in the finals, and have at most 50% of players move on from the  qualifying portion to the finals portion.

The qualifying portion will use their specific format formulas to calculate their value. The finals portion will be added on top of the normal format points as a “bonus” of up to 20 points. The bonus will be calculated at 1 point per game played by the winner in the finals. For example in a group elimination bracket, for a top 8 finals, with 4 games per round, would add 8 bonus points.

“Best Game” Format

Sometimes referred to as “Herb-style”, this format allows tournament directors to run a long period of qualifying across multiple machines. Points for this format will be made up from 2 parts:

  • 1 point will be added for each game that are counted to calculate a player’s score (i.e. if you have 8 possible arenas, but only a player’s best 4 games will count, then this will add 4 points).
  • Some events that run this format do an “unlimited play” of games, while other events limit the number of plays to a certain amount. The average number of “games played per player” will be multiplied by 2 points. on MatchPlay.Events this is simply calculated by visiting the statistics page to get a count of total games played, and then dividing it by the total number of players that participated.


Our league scoring has been a greatly discussed topic. The goal with the UFCP is to include leagues within a player’s overall ranking, while keeping rankings balanced. League play typically involves a much bigger commitment of play over multiple weeks, and includes more overall gameplay than a traditional singular event. We believe our league formulas consider these factors in a balanced manner, but with the nature of our beta 2021 year, there is a possibility that these formulas get tweaked.

Our tournament directors have spoken, and the common format for leagues involve a group matchplay format spread out over multiple weeks, typically with a finals on the last week. Our initial league support will be based on this style. If you have a different style that you would like to see the UFCP support, please fill out our contact form. Sanctioning fees for league will remain the same as any other typical event at $1 per player.

UFCP will support both straight matchplay style leagues (no finals) as well as “hybrid” formats (with a finals aspect). Points calculations will remain the same as our tournament based calculations with minor revisions. “Format” points for matchplay will increase its limit to 60 points for league instead of the typical 40 points. The bonus points for “hybrid” formats will increase in limit to 30 points for league from 20 points for typical tournaments.

rankingOS will be updated soon to add league support. For the time being, please submit your league as a single matchplay style event (non-reoccuring) in your TD Portal and add notes in the comments that it is for a league.