Points Calculations

Version 0.1.3(last edited 05/31/2021) These changes will be reflected in the rankings in the near future. All existing results will be recalculated.:

As mentioned elsewhere, with the 2021 “beta” season, the way points are calculated can potentially have changes mid-season. We have spent a lot of time working on coming up with these initial rules and calculations, however if we find some way that we believe could be used to “game the system” and create unfair advantages, we may make a mid-season adjustment.

How Player Rankings Are Maintained

Players will be ranked in a ranking system with all United Federation of Competitive Players. Players are considered active if they have participated in a minimum of one (1) Note: we have reduced this from 3 to 1. tournaments within the last five (5) seasons (including the currently active season). Tournaments have a fading value as they become past seasons. Tournaments that are in the current season will award 100% of their original value. A 1 year old season will award 80% of original value, 2 years 60%, 3 years 40%, 4 years 20%, and finally at 5 years old will no longer be involved in the active ranking results for a player. A player’s top 15 results from tournaments will be totaled together to calculate their overall “score”. This overall score is what will rank players within the UFCP.

Calculation of Points For Tournaments

We use several data points to calculate the value of any given tournament. See below for each category of points and how their value is arrived at.

Note: The player weight calculation has been removed at the decision of the UFCP. We will be revisiting this for the 2022 season.

Player Weight Calculation:

The top 20% of active players ranked within UFCP, at the time of processing the tournament, will add additional points to the value of the tournament in the rankings. The formula used to calculate this is:



Y = Points awarded for the player

Z = Rank of Player in UFCP at moment of capture

T= Number of Players in Top 20% (total number of active players*.2) NOTE: This is to be rounded to the closest whole number

W = value of the top player, currently using 1.5. Note: This was previously 3 until 3/21/2021.

Note: This formula is calculated per player in the tournament. The score is only added to the value of the tournament if they are positive. I.e. lesser players do not harm a tournament for participating.

Player Count Value

For each active player NOTE: active player for the player count was NEVER supposed to be included. All points calculated this year already includes the player count points regardless of how this was worded previously. – 3/13/21 in a tournament, there will an additional 0.2 0.4 points added to the tournament value, up to 100 players, for a total possible 40 points.

Format Points

There are up to a possible 40 points added depending on the format of the tournament and how hard the “path to victory” is considered. For more information in how various tournament formats are handled please click here.

Final Points Calculation

A tournaments final value is calculated by adding together the various categories of points together:

V = Player Weight Points + Player Count Points + Format Points

Distribution Of Points

Points are distributed out to players in a tournament in a linear format. The top player in a tournament will receive the full value of the tournament as points, with a percentage breakdown for the rest of the players. The formula that is calculated per player based on results is:

For 1st place: R = V*(1-((P-1)/C))

For 2nd place: R = V*(1-((P-1)/C))*0.8

For 3rd place: R = V*(1-((P-1)/C))*0.75

For 4th place and lower: R = V*(1-((P-1)/C))*0.7


R = Points rewarded to player

V = Total point value of tournament

P = Position in tournament

C = Count of players in tournament