Rankings Are Now Live and Other Updates

We are now a week into our first season and already have had 32 unique players who have played in at least 1 UFCP event! This is exciting new, and we can’t wait to see how we continue to grow.

The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here, our rankings are now live. Rankings can be found by clicking the “Rankings” menu option at the top, or by visiting https://rankings.ufcponline.com. Our back-end that runs the ranking systems for UFCP (rankingOS) is still in its early days, and we are working on finalizing a few features and will be updating the system frequently to meet our needs. One MAJOR feature we are working on going live with soon will be the ability to see points distribution for specific tournaments as well as being able to see individual player breakdowns on what tournaments formed their UFCP score. We are only a few days away from that additional information being available.

Currently as of the writing of this post, our rankings are up-to-date, and have all tournaments that have passed included in the rankings. With that said, results for the first few weeks may be delayed up to (roughly) a week after they are submitted. The UFCP is currently processing results through rankingOS and then manually calculating tournaments to validate that the results are accurate, and that there are no further bugs that could be affecting the integrity of the results and rankings. So far, ALL results calculations (both those included in the UFCP rankings as well as simulations we have ran to test the system) have been verified and have not had any discrepancies, and this is a good sign for us. The eventual goal is that results are live within 48 hours after results have been submitted to the UFCP by the event’s tournament director. Longer term we hope to have this within 24 hours, but this is a stretch goal and is subject to change.

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response to UFCP sanctioned events already, and just as much feedback. Some of that feedback has been around the rulebook, both from players and tournament directors, and even some internally within the UFCP. As you know, this season is a “beta” season, and our rulebook is subject to change. Sometime next week there will be an update to the rulebook to add a few line items that should be included, as well as some tweaking of wording to better cover certain situations and to avoid fringe cases where things are not currently covered. Communication about specific changes will be made available via our news posts (like this one), Facebook posts, and through our newsletter. Stay tuned for these updates!