Rules Changes: 3/21

We have now had 5 events sanctioned under UFCP, and are up to 41 unique players! As we continue to work in the community to get the word out and get more events lined up, we have been learning a few things and have made some adjustments to better meet the vision of the UFCP.

Rules Changes:

  • Section B.3 has been divided into 2 sections, B.3 and B.4 and has had some of the wording changed. This is to align better with keeping up with good sportsmanship, while still keeping an event moving.
  • Section A.7 has been added. All participants should be leaving adequate space around actively playing competitors.
  • Section B.5 now includes specific provisions for keeping events open to all ages.
  • Section B.2. “tilt-throughs” has been clarified to further detail how to handle tilt throughs.
  • Section B.2.”Roll-Call” has been added to detail that players should be actively listening during roll call.

Points Calculation Adjustment:

We have been monitoring the uptick in points for events and have made a decision to adjust the W value under “player weight” from 3 to 1.5. All tournaments already in the system and processed (all events that have occurred on or before 3/21) were processed with 3 and will stay that way. Going forward any event that occurs on 3/22 or later will use the 1.5 W value.