While the Federation of Competitive Pinball wants to support competitive pinball in all fashions, regardless if it is an UFCP Sanctioned tournament, we have several requirements for competitive play to be considered a sanctioned event, and therefore be included within our rankings.

Purpose Of Sanctioning

The United Federation of Competitive Pinball exists to assist in facilitating pinball players in competing against fellow pinball players. While competitive pinball can be a simple as 2 friends playing against each other on a single pinball machine in a bar or basement, we want to provide a unified ranking system for as many players as possible. Sanctioning a tournament allows it to contribute to the ranking system and provide a basis to provide an overall “champion” for the year. We believe sanctioning a tournament with us adds another level of excitement and fun to something that’s already great.


  • All tournaments must have a designated Tournament Director. This TD will be the designated point of contact and responsible for the entire “cycle” of a tournament.
  • All tournaments must be submitted to the UFCP at least 21 days (3 weeks) prior to the actual date of the event.
  • There is a sanctioning fee for tournaments of $1 per player per event. It is up to the discretion of the tournament director on how to pay for this fee. Some tournaments that offer a cash prize may take it from their own prize pot, while other tournaments have charged a $1 sanctioning fee on top of their entry fee. Note: If a tournament is sanctioned, all players who participated are included in the $1 fee. You may not selectively choose players to be sanctioned.
  • Within 21 days after a tournament has concluded, Tournament Directors are expected to have results submitted to the United Federation of Competitive Pinball. Failure to do so can potentially result in forfeiting that event’s sanctioning status.
  • When tournament results are submitted, payment of the sanctioning fee is expected to be submitted. If a tournament has not been paid for within 21 days, the tournament my lose its sanctioning status.
  • All rules in the rulebook must be followed when running a tournament. Tournaments are to be held to a high-standard to uphold the validity of the rankings. If there is something not covered in the rule book, the TD for the event will use their best judgement and make a final ruling. Note: Our tournament result submission portal offers a comments section when you submit an event. If there was a ruling on something that you believe SHOULD have been covered in our rulebook, but wasn’t please let us know in that comments section. This will help us evolve our rulebook so that there is no confusion and players, regardless of where they play, can get a fair experience.
  • Events may be held at public or private locations, however tournaments must be open for anyone from the public to play in. Tournaments may be “capped” in size, however they must allow at minimum 16 spots to enter to be sanctioned.


What Happens With The Sanctioning Fee?

The sanctioning fee helps us bring you end of the season finals! 70% of the collected sanctioning fees will go back into the prize pot for the end of the season finals. The other 30% will go toward various other expenses such as trophies, event space, and other overhead related to running the United Federation of Competitive Pinball. Details around the first end of season finals have not been finalized just yet, but will likely take place in Maryland*. Prior to the start of the 2022 season, we will re-evaluate our percentages of the sanctioning fees in the event that we grow and add a regional level finals prior to the main end of season finals.


*End of season finals will depend on government regulations in place.