UFCP Welcomes Texas

We are just about a month into the first season under the United Federation of Competitive Pinball, and we have since been blown away by the interest generated already! With 10 tournaments already in the rankings, we have already received a lot of feedback on how things are going so far and the overall feedback has been positive.

With all of the interest that has been expressed in brining the UFCP to more areas, we have decided to accelerate our expansion plans and are beginning a pilot expansion into Texas! The first Texas event will be this Saturday, April 10th in Corpus Christi. NightOwl Arcade will be running the tournament at the Tapology Texas Pub. We look forward to working with even more Texas based tournament directors soon to bring even more UFCP sanctioned events all across Texas.

We will be using Texas as a pilot program as we continue to finalize and evolve our expansion plans. Once the UFCP feels that the expansion plans have matured we will be bringing on more areas. For the time being, it should be known that this is still a beta season. We are currently reviewing the end of season plans and will make further announcement at a later date. Originally, the finals were planned to be based on a singular ranking, and take place in Maryland. At this time this should still be the assumption, but we are considering new alternative options with the accelerated expansion.

We will be bringing you more updates soon, so be sure to stay tuned.